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Enhance your pizza-making process with the Aluminium Pizza Pan Lid Separator Tray Set. This set includes 10 trays in sizes ranging from 9" to 18", perfect for any pizza lover or professional chef. Each tray is carefully crafted from durable aluminium, ensuring longevity and heat conductivity.

Choose from a wide range of sizes to find the perfect fit for your pizza pans. The convenient sizing ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing for even heat distribution during the baking process. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked pizzas; our trays will help you achieve a perfectly crispy and delicious pizza every time.

  • Convenient Sizing: Choose from 8 different sizes to perfectly fit your pizza pans, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Enhanced Pizza Baking: Achieve even heat distribution for a perfectly crispy and delicious pizza.

Please note that it is important to order a lid that is 2" larger than the base size of your pizza pan for proper coverage. Before selecting from the drop-down menu, double-check the sizes provided to ensure the correct size is chosen.

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  • Range of sizes from 9" to 18"
  • Durable and heat-conductive aluminium construction
Aluminium Pizza Pan Lid Separator Tray Set - Pack of 10 (9"-18" Sizes)
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