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Introducing our 14" x 5 Iron Pizza Pan, the perfect tool for achieving professional-quality deep pan pizza right from the comfort of your kitchen. Made in the UK, this pizza pan is crafted with care to deliver outstanding results every time.

With a generous size of 14" x 5", this pizza pan provides ample space to create delicious pizzas with deep, satisfying crusts. The 1.5" depth ensures that your pizza toppings are securely held in place, preventing any spills or messes.

Key Features:

  • Professional Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our pizza pan is designed to deliver restaurant-level results.
  • Durable and Long Lasting: Made from high-quality iron, this pizza pan is built to withstand frequent use and heat, ensuring it will last for years to come.

To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to burn the black iron pans with oil before using them. This helps to create a non-stick surface and enhances the flavor and texture of your pizza crust.

Looking for more commercial catering equipment? Look no further! We have a wide range of new and used items available for sale. Whether you're running a kebab shop, takeaway, cafe, restaurant, pub, or even an outside catering van, we have the right equipment for you.

Don't miss out on creating mouthwatering pizzas with our 14" x 5 Iron Pizza Pan. Order yours today and experience the joy of homemade, deep pan pizzas with a professional touch!

14" X 5 Iron Pizza Pan 1.5” For Deep Professional Quality Made In Uk
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