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This brand new Bun Warmer is perfect for keeping your peri peri chicken hot and tasty. With its hot hold drawer and warming cabin, you can now serve fresh and warm buns every time!

Featuring a durable stainless steel structure, this Bun Warmer is built to last. The perforated inner lining ensures even heat distribution, while the heavy-duty runners make it easy to open and close the drawer.

The thermostat control allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs, and the 13amp plug makes it convenient to use. Plus, the cool-to-touch handles ensure safe and comfortable handling.

The Bun Warmer comes with two removable drawers, providing ample space for storing and organizing your buns. Additionally, it has a removable dedicated water compartment, making it easy to keep the buns moist and delicious.

With dimensions of 635 x 565 x 490, the Bun Warmer is compact yet spacious enough to accommodate a large number of buns. The drawer dimensions are 450 x 410 x 90, providing ample space for buns of different sizes. It has a power rating of 1kw and weighs 50kg.

Experience the joy of serving warm and delicious buns with the BRAND NEW Bun Warmer - Peri Peri Chicken Warmer - Hot Hold Drawer - Warming Cabin.

BRAND NEW Bun Warmer - Peri Peri Chicken Warmer - Hot Hold Drawer -Warming Cabin
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