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The Convotherm AR18 Regeneration Oven is the perfect solution for thawing and regenerating frozen food to an exceptional standard. Whether you're working with frozen, chilled, or pre-cooked foods, this oven delivers quick thawing and even heating, ensuring consistent results every time. With its user-friendly control panel, you can easily operate the oven and achieve the desired results.

Not only does the Convotherm AR18 excel at thawing and regenerating, but it also excels at baking. From cakes to pastries and bread, this oven ensures perfect, mouthwatering results. Say goodbye to undercooked or overdone baked goods and hello to perfection.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Standard Regeneration: Thaw and regenerate frozen food to an exceptional standard.
  • Versatile Baking: Bake cakes, pastries, and bread to perfection.

Equipped with nine removable shelves, the Convotherm AR18 offers ample space for all your cooking needs. Its dimensions of 787mm x 476mm x 730mm make it compact yet spacious enough to handle various food items. Additionally, this oven comes with a stand on castors, allowing for easy mobility and placement in your commercial kitchen.

This oven requires 3-phase electric power to operate, ensuring consistent and efficient performance. Invest in the Convotherm AR18 Regeneration Oven and experience the difference in quality and convenience it brings to your kitchen.


  • Nine removable shelves
  • Dimensions: 787mm x 476mm x 730mm
  • Includes stand on castors
  • Requires 3-phase electric power

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Convotherm AR18 Regeneration Oven 3 Phase
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