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Introducing the Dualit Electric Bun Toaster Conveyor Toaster DCT2T, a must-have addition for any commercial kitchen or breakfast buffet. This high-quality toaster combines speed, efficiency, and versatility to ensure that you can deliver perfectly toasted buns, bagels, and bread slices every single time.

Boasting a sleek and compact design, this Dualit toaster is designed to save valuable counter space without compromising on performance. With its dimensions measuring 37 cm x 64 cm x 40 cm, it fits seamlessly into any kitchen setup.

One of the standout features of this toaster is its powerful 2.8 kW motor, which makes it mains powered for maximum convenience. Whether you're serving a small breakfast rush or a busy brunch crowd, this toaster can handle up to 360 slices per hour, ensuring that your customers are never kept waiting.

Key Features/Benefits:

  • Fast and efficient toasting - With this Dualit toaster, you'll never have to sacrifice speed for quality. Its advanced conveyor system ensures quick and even toasting every time.
  • Versatile toasting options - From crispy bagels to fluffy buns, this toaster can handle them all. Its adjustable settings allow you to achieve the perfect level of toasting for any type of bread.

Don't settle for subpar toasters that leave you with unevenly toasted bread. Upgrade to the Dualit Electric Bun Toaster Conveyor Toaster DCT2T and experience the difference in quality and performance. Add this reliable and efficient toaster to your kitchen arsenal today!

Dualit Electric Bun Toaster Conveyor Toaster DCT2T
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