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Introducing the Gas Fryer Oil Drain Pipe/Tube Frymaster, Pitco, Imperial, Chef range Elite! This incredible accessory is a must-have for owners of Frymaster and Pitco fryers who want to streamline their oil drainage process.

With its durable construction and precise design, this drain pipe ensures a seamless oil draining experience. No more messy spills or wasted time trying to get every last drop out of your fryer!

Here are some key features and benefits of the Gas Fryer Oil Drain Pipe/Tube:

  • Effortless Oil Drainage: Say goodbye to manual scooping or tilting of your fryer! This drain pipe allows for easy and efficient oil collection, reducing the risk of accidents and minimizing cleanup.
  • Compatible with Multiple Brands: Whether you have a Frymaster, Pitco, Imperial, or Chef range Elite fryer, this drain pipe is designed to fit seamlessly, ensuring a snug and secure connection.

Add this essential accessory to your commercial kitchen equipment arsenal and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your frying operations.


  • Frymaster Fryer: Compatible with MJH50CSD models before serial no. 87J57535D.
  • PITCO FRIALATOR: Compatible with 35, 35C+, 45C+, E400, E400T, E500D, MGII, P-18, SE14, P14, SE147, SE148X, SE14T, SE14R, SE14TX, SE14TR, SE18, SE14X, SE18S, SE18R, SEBNB14, SE714, SFSE14, SEBNB18, SFSE14T, SFSE14R, SFSE14TR, SFSE14X, SFSE14TX, SFSE18R, SFSE18, SG14, SG14DI, SG14R, SG14RS, SG14RDI, SG14S-D, SG14T, SG14SSTC-S, SG18, SG14TDI, SG18DI, SG18S, SG18F, SG18S-D, SGC, SGM1824, SGM24, SGSEBNB-14, SGM34, SSH55, SGSEBNB-18, SSH60C-S-FD, SSH75, SSH60W-C-S-FD, SSH75RS.

Upgrade your fryer setup today with the Gas Fryer Oil Drain Pipe/Tube. Order now and experience a hassle-free oil drainage process!

Gas Fryer Oil Drain Pipe/Tube Frymaster, Pitco, Imperial, Chef range Elite
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