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Introducing the Henny Penny Brand NewFastron Pressure Fryer, now available in a fully reconditioned state for enhanced performance and longevity.

Cooking just got faster and easier with the revolutionary Fastron Meridian computer, ensuring faster cooking times at lower temperatures. Say goodbye to unhealthy, greasy fried foods and hello to healthier, better-tasting meals.

Why choose the latest generation pressure fryer from Henny Penny? Let us tell you!

  • Unmatched Oil and Labor Efficiency: Reduce your oil consumption, cut down on labor costs, and enhance overall safety in your kitchen.
  • Easy Pressure Seal: The patented color keyed spindle and lid lock system make achieving the perfect pressure seal effortless every time.

Our frying management controls allow for precise handling and our energy-efficient heat transfer technology ensures the lowest average exhaust temperatures in the industry.

Trust in the reliability of Henny Penny and experience the return on investment that comes from serving load after load of mouthwatering pressure fried chicken and more.

Upgrade your frying game today with the Henny Penny Brand NewFastron Pressure Fryer. Your taste buds and your customers will thank you!

Henny Penny Brand NewFastron Pressure Fryer 3 Phase Electric Fully Reconditioned
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