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Introducing the Henny Penny HCW Chicken Tray Set of 2 – the perfect addition to your commercial kitchen. These large-sized chicken trays are designed to make your cooking and baking experience a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Perforated Design: The Henny Penny HCW Chicken Tray is equipped with perforations that allow for even heat distribution, ensuring perfectly cooked chicken every time.
  • Large Size: With a measurement of 65.5cm x 45.5cm x 3cm, these trays provide ample space for preparing large quantities of chicken.

Whether you're running a kebab shop, takeaway, café, restaurant, pub, hotel, or catering van, these trays are a versatile option for all your culinary needs. They are suitable for both commercial and outdoor use, making them an essential tool for professional chefs and caterers.

Why choose the Henny Penny HCW Chicken Tray Set of 2?

  • Efficiency: The perforated design ensures optimal airflow, resulting in crispy and evenly cooked chicken, while the large size allows you to cook in bulk.
  • Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials, these trays are built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. They are designed for long-lasting performance, making them a reliable investment.

Don't miss out on this fantastic deal. Upgrade your cooking equipment with the Henny Penny HCW Chicken Tray Set of 2 today!

Henny Penny HCW Chicken Tray Large Size PERFORATED Set of 2
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