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A reliable and efficient kitchen companion, the Hobart Bar Aid S900 Pass Through Dishwasher with built-in softener is a must-have for any busy restaurant or catering establishment. This powerful hood type dishwasher can wash up to 60 racks per hour, which translates to approximately 240 covers per hour. Say goodbye to long washing times and hello to more time serving delicious meals to your customers!

Made with user-friendliness in mind, the Hobart Bar Aid S900 features electronic controls that make it incredibly simple and easy to use. No complicated instructions or confusing buttons here! Just load your dirty dishes, select your desired wash program (choose from 60, 90, or 120 seconds), and let the dishwasher do its magic.

One of the standout features of this dishwasher is its corner or straight-through operation. Whether you have limited space or prefer a specific setup, the Hobart Bar Aid S900 can accommodate your needs. It also boasts a powerful 0.73kW pump that delivers thorough wash coverage, thanks to its separate upper and lower wash and rinse arms.

In addition to its powerful performance, this dishwasher also helps keep running costs low. It has a low volume 21-liter wash tank and an efficient 2.5-liter rinse, minimizing water and energy usage without compromising cleanliness. Plus, its two-stage interlocked strainer system removes debris, helping to protect the wash pump and extend its lifespan.

  • The Hobart Bar Aid S900 allows for double racking of cups, saucers, and other small items, thanks to its spacious hood opening height. It also makes loading trays a breeze!
  • With its multi-phasing power loading feature, this dishwasher can be connected to varying electrical installation specifications, providing flexibility for different setups.

Looking for the dimensions? The Hobart Bar Aid S900 measures 635mm (width) x 740mm (depth) x 1517mm (height) (1997mm when the hood is open).

In summary, the Hobart Bar Aid S900 is a reliable and efficient pass-through dishwasher that can handle high volumes of dishes with ease. Its user-friendly design, power-packed performance, and cost-saving features make it an indispensable asset to any commercial kitchen. Invest in the Hobart Bar Aid S900 today and experience cleaner dishes, faster turnaround times, and happier customers!

Hobart Bar Aid S900 Pass Through Dishwasher, Built in softener
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