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Introducing the IGF L40 22cm-40cm Pizza Dough Sheeter Roller - the ultimate solution for perfect pizza dough every time.

This Italian-made pizza dough roller, model number 2000/L40, is a must-have for pizzerias and restaurants looking to streamline their dough preparation process. With its fully adjustable rollers ranging from 22cm to 40cm, you can easily achieve the desired thickness of your pizza dough.

But what sets this pizza dough sheeter roller apart from the rest?

  • Effortless Dough Preparation: Save time and effort with this fully automatic dough sheeter roller. Say goodbye to the manual rolling pin and hello to consistent, evenly rolled pizza dough.
  • Reliable Performance: This pizza dough roller has been thoroughly serviced and is in fully working condition, ensuring a seamless and reliable dough preparation process every time you use it.

With its 13A plug, you can easily connect this dough sheeter roller to your power source for hassle-free operation.

In summary, the IGF L40 22cm-40cm Pizza Dough Sheeter Roller combines versatility, convenience, and reliability in one compact machine. Perfect for pizzerias and restaurants, this adjustable and fully serviced dough roller will take your dough preparation to new heights. Get yours today and experience the ease and efficiency of perfectly rolled pizza dough.

IGF L40 22cm-40cm Pizza Dough Sheeter Roller Adjustable Serviced Fully Working
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