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Introducing our high-quality Iron Pizza Pans, perfect for creating delicious deep pan pizzas. Made in the UK, these 10x16" pans are designed to deliver professional-quality results every time.

Constructed from durable black iron, these pans ensure even heat distribution, resulting in a crispy and perfectly cooked crust. The 1.5" depth allows you to add generous toppings while maintaining a thick and fluffy base.

  • Professional-quality pans for deep pan pizza
  • Durable black iron for even heat distribution

Before your first use, it's recommended to "burn" the pans with oil to create a natural non-stick surface. This simple step ensures your pizzas effortlessly slide out of the pans every time.

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Iron Pizza Pans 10 X 16" 1.5” For Deep Quality Made In UK Set Of 10
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