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Introducing our high-quality Iron Pizza Pans, proudly made in the UK with exceptional craftsmanship. These 10X14" pans are specifically designed for deep-dish pizzas, allowing you to create professional-quality masterpieces in your own kitchen.

Key Features:

  • Deep Pan Design: Our pans are 1.5" deep, perfect for achieving that desired thick crust and generous toppings.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from black iron, these pans guarantee excellent heat distribution for even baking, ensuring a crispy crust every time.

Before your first use, the black iron pans require a light coating of oil to season and protect the surface. This process enhances the non-stick properties, making it easier to slide your pizza onto a plate.

Why settle for ordinary pans when you can upgrade to these professional-grade iron pizza pans? They are essential for home cooks, pizzerias, restaurants, and caterers who take their pizza-making seriously.

Expand your culinary options with our wide range of commercial catering equipment. Whether you need appliances for kebab shops, takeaways, cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, or catering vans, we have you covered. We offer natural gas or LPG, electric single or three-phase equipment, and various home appliance goods.

Get your hands on these iron pizza pans today and start creating the most mouthwatering deep-dish pizzas. Elevate your pizza-making game to a whole new level of deliciousness. Order now and experience the joy of homemade pizzas like never before.

Iron Pizza Pans 10X14" 1.5” For Deep Quality Made In UK Set Of 10
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