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Introducing our Lid For Pizza Pan, the perfect addition to your kitchen! Made in the UK, this Aluminium Dough Pizza Tray Lid is designed to perfectly fit 20 x 16" pizza pans.

With a size of 16", this lid provides a snug and complete cover for your 14" pizza pan, ensuring that your pizza stays hot and delicious. Each pack includes 20 lids, giving you plenty of options for all your pizza creations.

  • Quick and Convenient: Our pizza pan lid is designed for easy and hassle-free use. Simply place it on top of your pan, and you're ready to go! No more struggling with plastic wrap or tin foil.
  • Enhanced Heat Retention: The Aluminium construction of our lid helps to trap heat, keeping your pizza warm and fresh for longer. Enjoy every bite without worrying about cold slices.

Please note that it's important to order your pizza pan lids 2" bigger than your actual pizza pans in order to cover the pan completely. This ensures that your pizza is protected from any spills or contaminants.

At Commercial Catering Equipments, we offer a wide range of brand new and second-hand items for all your commercial catering needs. From kebab shops to takeaways, cafes to restaurants, and even outside catering vans, we have you covered. Browse our selection today to find the perfect equipment for your business.

Why wait? Upgrade your pizza making experience with our Lid For Pizza Pan. Order now and enjoy the convenience and quality of a perfectly covered pizza pan!

Lid For Pizza Pan,pizza Pan Lid Aluminium Dough Pizza Pizza Tray Lid 20 X 16"
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