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This Lincat Countertop Electric Griddle is the perfect addition to any professional kitchen. With a sleek and compact design, this griddle provides efficient and high-performance cooking. Whether you're cooking pancakes, burgers, or vegetables, this griddle will deliver consistent and delicious results.

The griddle features a generous 80cm cooking surface, allowing you to cook large batches of food at once. Its powerful 7.6kw 3 phase 20 amp electric motor ensures quick and even heating throughout the surface, eliminating hotspots and ensuring consistent cooking results.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Large cooking surface: The 80cm cooking surface provides ample space for cooking multiple items at once, saving you time and increasing efficiency.
  • Powerful heating: With a 7.6kw 3 phase 20 amp electric motor, this griddle heats up quickly and evenly, ensuring consistent cooking results every time. Say goodbye to unevenly cooked food!

Constructed from durable materials, this Lincat Countertop Electric Griddle is designed to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. Its easy-to-use controls and adjustable temperature settings make it ideal for chefs of all skill levels.

Upgrade your kitchen with this versatile and high-performance Lincat Countertop Electric Griddle. Order yours today and experience the convenience and efficiency of professional-grade cooking equipment.

Lincat Countertop Electric Griddle 80cm 3 phase 20 amp 7.6kw
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