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The Lincat Electric Bun Toaster Conveyor Toaster CT1 is an excellent addition to any commercial kitchen or breakfast buffet. Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, this conveyor toaster is perfect for toasting buns, teacakes, and other bread products.

Featuring a powerful 2.4kW motor and double feed, this toaster can effortlessly produce up to 340 slices per hour. This means your customers can enjoy freshly toasted buns in no time, keeping them satisfied and coming back for more.

One of the standout features of this toaster is its adjustable conveyor speed, allowing for precise browning control. Whether you prefer a light toast or a golden brown finish, this toaster can deliver the perfect results every time.

In addition, the individually controlled heating elements enable one-sided toasting, making it ideal for teacakes and burgers buns. Say goodbye to unevenly toasted products, as this toaster ensures consistent and delicious results with every use.

Made from durable stainless steel, this toaster is built to last in a busy kitchen environment. It also boasts a rapid 20 second heat-up time, so you can quickly get started on toasting without any delay.

With dimensions of 398(H) x 410(W) x 668(D)mm and a weight of 19.4kg, this toaster is compact and space-saving. It can easily fit on any countertop or work surface without taking up too much valuable space.

Order the Lincat Electric Bun Toaster Conveyor Toaster CT1 now and elevate your breakfast service to the next level. With its impressive performance, precise browning control, and durable construction, this toaster is a must-have for any business that takes their toast seriously.

  • Adjustable conveyor speed for precise browning control.
  • Individually controlled heating elements for one-sided toasting of teacakes, burger buns, and other products.


  • Dimensions: 398(H) x 410(W) x 668(D)mm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Output: up to 340 slices/hr
  • Power Type: 2.4kW, 13A
  • Weight: 19.4kg
  • Rapid 20-second heat-up time
Lincat Electric Bun Toaster Conveyor Toaster CT1
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