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The Lincat Opus 700 Double Electric 3 Phase Filtration Fryer OE7113/F/S is a top-of-the-line fryer that delivers exceptional frying performance for your commercial kitchen. With its powerful 3 phase 2 x 12Kw electric operation, this fryer ensures fast and efficient frying of your favorite foods.

Featuring lift & park hinged elements, this fryer allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. You can easily access and clean the fryer's heating elements, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

One of the standout features of this fryer is its integral 2-stage oil filtration system. It effectively filters the oil, removing impurities and extending the life of the oil, resulting in better-tasting fried foods every time.

The Lincat Opus 700 Double Electric Filtration Fryer also comes with fail-safe safety cut-outs, providing peace of mind and ensuring a safe cooking environment. Plus, the oil drain tap allows for easy disposal of used oil.

With thermostatic temperature control, you can easily adjust the temperature to suit different types of foods, ensuring consistent results every time. The fryer has a temperature range of 130°C to 190°C, allowing you to achieve your desired frying temperature with precision.


  • Capacity: 2x 16Ltr
  • Dimensions: 1105(H)x 600(W)x 737(D)m
  • Output: 65kg frozen chips/hr, 80kg chips/hr from chilled
  • Power Type: 2x 12kW 3 phase
  • Weight: 110.4kg

Upgrade your commercial kitchen with the Lincat Opus 700 Double Electric 3 Phase Filtration Fryer OE7113/F/S. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and delicious results it brings to your frying operations.

Lincat Opus 700 Double Electric 3 Phase Filtration Fryer OE7113/F/S
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